Tuesday, January 1, 2008

first day of 2008

Tonight I was giving Benjamin a bath - as he laid there playing in the water.. he looks up at me and says - "mom, I'm pretty"
He now knows his eyes are brown -- He tells us his are brown like daddy's and Papa's and that mom's are green.... Tonight when we turned the lights out for bed time.. he hollars -
No mom, I can't see your green eyes"

Oh that child of mine ~ what will I ever do.

and if he wasn't rotten enough... I've taught him the magic word... So when he asks for something - and he really really wants it, and we refuse.. and can say the magic word... It tickles us, so of course he gets his way....
Do you know the magic word?

We finally let him open his 'sock' that was still hanging by the fireplace.. and he totally enjoys the viewmaster - who would have thought a toy so simple that started out centuries ago would still be so amazing..


Laura said...

Pete's eyes are brown?!?!?

I guess I always thought they were hazel....must be Hank.

jenni said...

You're right Laura - I too would call them Hazel -- but a Brown/green Hazel -- If you ask Pete he'll tell you brown.

pete said...

My driver's license says brown. My parents always said brown. Hank=Hazel, Pete=Brown, Laura=Blue.

Here's a pic - You Decide

Tammy said...

a View Master!!! That's sooo cool. I love those things...Now I want one :) you should start a book of "Ben Quotes". :D

Joyce said...

The magic word is Abracadabra. Now can I have it?

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