Friday, January 11, 2008

errr ok

Ben and I went to meet Pete for lunch and as we were waiting for him in the parking lot, a rather tall, skinny, young man pulled up near us, got out of his car and walked in the building. Ben saw this fellow and out of the blue tells me "That's NOT Uncle Pete."

errrr ok?? and that came from where??
Thanks to Ben, we are always entertained.


Tammy said...

we, too, are always entertained by reading about Ben.

Clara Womack Barksdale said...

Randomly, these days, Gracie says, "I wanna go home," in her whiniest, saddest voice. Usually we're at home when she says it. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Redhead Runner said...

Glad you can distinuish between what IS and what is NOT your Uncle Pete. As I am pretty easily distinguished, however (with the red hair), I now challenge you to start decifering what IS and what is NOT your Aunt Laura.

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