Monday, December 3, 2007

ornery rotten stinker

That's only a few words I have for him - THE BEN - today...
He might possibly be growing out of nap time.. *damsel in distress voice* WHAT WILL I DO?! *end voice*

Today after shopping, and the park (it was actually warm enough - 47 - to go)
it was time to lay down and take a little night night... but the BEN decided it was time to play 'possum until I walked out of the room... and then he pulled toys on the bed - and proclaimed he was PLAYING... after the 3rd trip back there to tuck his hiney in.. I quickly left the room to a little boy whimpering 'I need a hug - I need a hug' over and over... It made me giggle - Only b/c it was his tactic to suck me back in the room and continue to stay awake a few more minutes...
Oh the drama of a two year old..

He likes the phrase "I'm freezin too" even if no one said "I'm freezing" first..


Karen & Dave said...

Nah......he's just learning to be sneaky. ;)

Tammy said...

ooooohhhhhh only gets better I'm sure :)

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