Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ben's first kill

Yesterday we eased our way down to Texas - after a very stressful drive through a snowy Kansas and a frozen Oklahoma, it was good to see sunshine and warmer temps as we crossed the state line..
We picked up cousins Matt and Britt and drove on down to Davilla where we met up with the rest of the insane asylum escapees.
The fish fry was fun, but the best part was hanging out with all the kids.. ben took to matt like a tick on a dog.. I think Uncle Pete just fell a rung on Ben's favorite list.
So - on to the title of the blog --
Today Ben got his FIRST KILL -- w00t
I would have taken a picture - but it was a bloody bloody scene; Ben stomped the guts out - literally - of a poor unsuspecting gecko. His Popo was proud - but a little disappointed when he realized it was done by accident (not the jumping - but the smooshing).. We would have mounted the kill on the wall, but there was nothing left for the taxidermist to work with; even his poor tail twisted off.

To think this poor animal was sacrificed for no reason, we can't use him for food, fuel or decoration - Darn the luck.

Until next time....


Redhead Runner said...

I will not be knocked off so easily! Unc Pete will rise again!

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