Friday, December 14, 2007

Ben and his songs

Today I took Ben to run some last minute errands b/f packing.. and on the way home.. he starts singing randomly about his daddy and the christmas song.. and the snow.. and it was one of those moments where he was so sweet and so innocent.. then he threw his snack pack at the back of my head..

Anyway - I finally got everything packed and loaded.. and we are waiting with ants in our pants for pete to get home.. so I turned to the trusty piano to keep me occupied.. Pete got me some great books to learn Christmas songs..(favorites to play - little drummer boy, hark the harold, and jingle bells - only b/c I can be lazy and play only the top lines and it still resembles the song).. Back to it -- as I'm struggling to get through Jingle Bells (both lines) Ben says "what songs that" and without missing another beat starts in on the right words and waits ever so patiently for me to get all the notes out so he can finish singing his song..
I'm a little (not much but a little) sad that we aren't going to be here next week.. ONLY b/c his school is having a Christmas program and I can only imagine the sweetness that is going to come from the kids on stage.. And Ben had two songs he was to sing with his class.. Oh well -- fish fries and mesquite trees will be much more fun.. right?! If not then playing with cousins will be totally worth it..


Tammy said...

that is too funny! the kid is gonna be something else huh :)

Laura said...

a Christmas Program at Wee School?!?!? I love it! He'll have to make it next year...

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