Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back in Omaha...

No, we're not back home -- we're at the Holiday Inn.. and Ben is sleeping for now, but he still has the crud; he didn't keep down any of what he ate at the Christmas Buffet at the Casino (the only thing in town open other than Denny's).

[In case you haven't heard -- our furnace died at some point while we were gone - our pipes froze and burst, and it's a big mess..]


Tammy said...

Sounds like you're making the best of it. The first Christmas Hank and I traveled, we got stuck in St. Louis in a snow storm and the only thing to eat was lunch buffet at Harrah's Casino on Christmas Day :) We were there 9 hours and got to Orlando late that night. We made the best of it and we laugh about it now. Hopefully this will be a memory to laugh at one day :) BTW - did your neighbor give you your packages?

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