Friday, November 2, 2007

park and play

This morning - we went to the park.. and we played for a bit.. until we were uncomfortable by the wind and chilly air temps...
But during our brief play at the park.. we had FUN... Ben climbed the ladders, slid the slides, swung the swings, and spun on the spin-n-get-sick....

*notice in this pic - creepy guy walking from behind the tree while little blue shoes are taking a tumble after..

Ben cracks me up ~ that face is the best!!
Later in the day -- Ben was playing inside.. (in more than one way..)
We have this toy box for downstairs's nice and light weight and can easily be folded up..

Here - you can see it holds the toys and books very efficiently

And then you have Ben - who likes to DUMP the toys - toss the books and climb right inside..


Laura said...

What a stinker!

Tammy said...

what a funny face! holding on tight!

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