Friday, October 5, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

This morning - Ben and I decided to have a little Ben-fun.. We went the one of the local pumpkin patch kingdoms... (Valas Pumpkin Patch) We went on a hayride, rode the tractor pulled wagons thru the 'farm' and watched the Pigtucky Derby... We saw all of the goats, calf, donkey, goats, llama, camel, and goats... Ben liked all the animals besides the goats -- and there were LOTS of goats..

Ben also got a haircut this morning -- this was the "I want to keep the bowl cut I just want it faded in ok.. " cut... and the "I'm a freakin idiot" hairstylists interpretation.. But what good does it do to scream and yell after the first chunk in already gone


Tammy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE@!!!! the first picture. So cute is my nephew!!

Karen & Dave said...

Gotta love the goofy this rate, you might be better off taking a short class and doing it yourself! (Although that brings up memories of pictures of my brother getting haircuts at that age with one parent having to hold him still while the other cut REALLY QUICKLY.....LOL)

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