Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Kid

Everyone by now knows the news of the 'new truck'.... (yay tundra)
~ However you might not know how much the kid LOVES "his" new truck
Last night Pete got home and suggested that if Ben was good and did x,y,and z then we would take a ride in the new truck. 1 hour later Ben runs out of the bathroom screaming RIDE NEW TRUCK RIDE NEW TRUCK, LETS GO... *rolling eyes* crazy kid.. But it doesn't stop there...
He was crazy excited to go to school today! why you ask? Because he got to ride in the new truck! and he was telling us about it before we even went downstairs to leave.
There's more - I went to pick him up from school.. and Ben was sitting on the stairs as usual, reading books, while the others kids go down for nap. He jumps up runs the books to Miss Corey and runs back to me.. Throws out his arms like he is going to squeeze me, then quickly drops them to his sides grabs his bag and says "come on mommy - new truck"
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME RIGHT??!! Not hi mommy I love you mommy ... hrumph!
But we also realized its a bit of an incentive too.... We went out to the park and Ben was dawdling and falling WAY behind until I said "hey ben, you want to go ride in the new truck?" It was like there was fire in the kids pants, i swear to you I've never seen him run so fast..


Tammy said...

HA! too funny... love the kid in the bubbles :)

Laura said...

does the pirate sticker go on the new truck?

Redhead Runner said...

A whole week without a nephew update makes me sad :(

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