Saturday, September 29, 2007

My kid makes me laugh

Yesterday we went to a store to buy the latest Wii release -- Dance Dance Revolution... while we were looking thru the games, Ben - who had insisted on a piggy back ride - starts hollering (and i mean HOLLERING) "Boogie mom Boogie - SEE"
He points to the game on the shelf and I praise him appropriately for being too darn observant. Next thing I know he's hollering it again.. UGH - I already know its there get off me.. right? No I was wrong - he was pointing in the other direction - at the TV - it was on the demo - and after we acknowledged that Boogie was on tv - he started moving his hands as if he were playing... Oye! (I should mention we haven't played Boogie in over a month! But it is Ben's FAVORITE game that we play)

- Today we were in the car - and I was telling Pete a story about me telling a bunch of girls about how much I yell -- and Ben pipes in from the back seat "that's mommy"

- BEN PEED OUTSIDE (on purpose) for the first time Friday!!
We were out Geocaching friday afternoon and had just found our loot in the middle of a shrub fort - Ben tells us he needs to go - and he got to squat right there in the trees -- A mommas proud moment.

- New words/phrases to his vocabulary - "Left turn ahead, mommy" "you have reached your destination" -- We have tomtom to thanks for these ---- The other words that tickle us are "fantastic"

- And lastly - This morning he was signing (sign language not a typo) and telling me animals and sounds -- elephant, dog, cat - yada yada yada right... and then he goes - "daddy - (and makes a farting noise) I thought I was going to fall out of bed!!


Karen & Dave said...

ROFLMAO @ farting noise = dad

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