Sunday, September 9, 2007


We took Ben camping this weekend - and we all had a great time. Ben met Wesley - and occasionally would talk about Jacob - So I assume he thinks Wes and Jacob would make good friends.. who knows what Ben thinks - he's 2...
He didn't try skiing -- but he threw a tantrum to ride the tube with Nikki and Jenn.. and then threw a fit b/c he was on the tube..


Tammy said...

Ok - Hank and I are officially JEALOUS!!! You guys get to camp in decent weather and - oh yeah - right on tbe lake. There are about 2 weekends you can camp in the state of Georgia and they are like - in March. Geezz So jealous.....Cute pics of Ben though :)

Karen & Dave said...

Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time!!!! Reminds me of all the camping trips we went on as kids.

(Should I mention the camper that Pete puked outside of after eating frog legs? *giggle*)

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