Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday at the lake

This morning - the alarms went off at 630... we were certain last night we would get up and head straight to the lake.. well... a few snoozes and a final 'off' button.. and we ended up sleeping till 8... we still made it to the lake by 915... and had a great time doing all the fun stuff we do until around 1:00 when the crazies got to the lake... (I have my opinion on who they are but Pete won't let me tell you all)..

Yes - that's my boy!! Getting ready to ski...

One , two, three, Ready, set, go, HIT IT --- weeeeeee
Look at him go -- and he's only been 2 for 12 days!!


Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

Do they make training skis like that for adults?

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