Friday, July 6, 2007

FINALLY chop chop

This morning making our shopping rounds I convinced Ben to see a lady about a hair to cut.
And now I remember why it's been so long since we last went...

But it looks pretty darn cute..


This is his -- "If you're happy and you know it.." face..

Tonight at 9:30 (I know it was late) we took Ben to get ice cream -- call us crazy - whatever -- we don't care.. he went ALL day in the same undies -- and told us BEFORE hand that he had to Potty -- Never once even had a little ut-oh... Listen folks - I think we're on to something... It's been SOOOO nice not to have to change diapers all day....


pete said...

I'm not sure it's apparent enoug in these pictures how truly dramatic the difference is. There's a big change in that he no longer has hair tucked behind his ears!

Anne said...

The "happy and you know it" face makes me melt!!! I wouldn't be able to resist giving him ice cream even if he did have an ut-oh! But seriously, awesome job with the potty training...that has to be a record-breaking training session. Please please PLEASE potty train my kid once he's old enough! I'LL PAY!!!! :)

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