Saturday, July 14, 2007

A few stories to entertain

Friday - I took Ben to meet Pete for lunch. On the way I asked him if he wanted to go see Dad. His response .. "Daddy, boat, lake" He's learning young!!

Later we were talking through his book and he saw a boat and suddenly started talking about ropes. So at least he knows that the proper way to ride in a boat is if you have someone dragging on the ski rope behind... again SMART KID!...

Then last night - I refer to my contacts as my eyes (hard to see without them right) and in the mornings I encourage Ben to take him time in the bathroom - so he usually sits and observes as I go through the morning check list of proper hygiene. So back to Ben, he found my contact lens case, called it "eyes" then proceeded to poke his eyes and then dip his fingers in the case. A little amusing.

Recently, we've hired a kid in the neighborhood to mow our yard (Justin). Justin was a good friend of matt's when they lived here and stops by occasionally to check on us (and drink our sodas, and play our wii, and eat our food). Ben has taken a liking to Justin and on Thursday when the neighbor was mowing her yard and he heard the mower, he thought Justin was here and got all excited. It was too cute.

He's putting together 3-4 word sentences better. And he LOVES singing (definitely not a Carter).


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Cute eye thing

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