Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok.. So When Ben has dirty clothes... or sometimes Dad has dirty clothes he left lying around... or WE leave a our shoes upstairs... Ben "helps" us "clean" by throwing them over his gate down the stairs.. we (eventually) pick this stuff up and help it get to it's rightful location (the laundry room)...

So. I came home for lunch today, and since Jenn was running late - I swung by the "Discovery Academy" and picked up Ben. We came home, and he asked for a banana. (If you haven't seen the videos, this goes something like "Bah-nananananana!!! -Peeez-nanana" as he reaches for the spot on the counter where the bananas live..

He didn't have one at breakfast -- so I grabbed him one, peeled it halfway, and handed it to him, and then headed to "go tee-tee in the pottty." When I came back from doing my business, Ben was playing, and the banana (or peel) was nowhere to be found.

I asked Ben, "where's your banana?". He says, "uh.. down".. I looked around, no idea where he put it.. "ben, where's the banana??" "Down Stairs!"
Sure enough... He had finished his monkey fruit, and when he was done he tossed the empty peel over the gate and down the stairs..


Anne said...

Hahaha...Ben took cleaning to another level...literally. Gotta love it!

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