Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miserable Weekend

It's June, Right?! I've been over this! JUNE! It's supposed to be SUMMER TIME..> WARM.. if not down right HOT!..

Oh wait.. we live in NEbraska..

it was low 70s for the high... which means it was about 68 all day.. and WINDY.. and cold.. and we were out at the lake.. with our new boat that doesn't run.
Not fun!

Except - Ben fed the ducks, and geese, played at the playground, and actually got to drive the boat while it was running..

We didn't have to fret with sunscreen b/c there was no sun.. and we were inside a lot.. :( so sad..

Oh - and did I mention Ben has yet another ear infection...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're not enjoying your early June days. It's been really hot here --you're welcome to visit, but we don't have a boat--even a broken one-- for you to play with.


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