Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy Day

First - Happy Father's Day to all Dad's....
We celebrated by taking Ben's dad to the lake in the boat that he "bought mom for Mother's day".... Of course it was crowded in the teeny tiny lake we go to.. but we had some great runs.. and enjoyed ourselves - which is the main thing right.
We never manage to take a picture of the boat on the water with the 'good' cameras so today we used the phone cameras...

We finished celebrating by grilling on the new grill Ben's daddy bought himself..
Hope everyone else had a fantastic Sunday and a great Daddy Day (if it applies) ..


pete said...

You can see how we customized the Bimini here... When we bought the boat, it came with that cool white, yellow, and blue top to match the boat - but he told us "it's either one or the other, bimini or tower, you can't use both at the same time..." Well, Ben needed his Bimini so he could curl up for a nap in the shade while Mom's skiing.
So we moved the bimini back a foot, and lowered it about 8 inches. Now it fit's under thew tower, and I think it looks pretty sweet.

Anne said...

She's a beauty! What an awesome Mother's Day's gonna be really hard to top that one! :)

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