Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr trip #3 in 4 weeks

That's right - we went back to the Dr today. Sunday evening Ben was out of sorts, and refused to eat supper and asked to go to bed early.. Monday he ran a high temp ALL day, and his throat was swollen, so he didn't eat hardly anything and barely drank. This morning we went to the Dr. and all we got was "yep, he's sick"... No meds no nothing. It's just 'viral' so we are to keep doing what we were doing - push fluids, and motrin, and deal with clingy, fussy-butt. I feel so bad for him, his throat hurts so much he refused to eat ICE CREAM today!! and he's drooling like a baby, it's absolutely gross!! he soaked MY shirt.

in other news.. he started telling us he needs to go potty and we are limiting the number of accidents!!
yay ben


Tammy said...

Aww.. poor little Ben :( Feel better soon so you can go swimming with Jacob in Umpah's pool!. Regarding the soaked shirt. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!!! Jacob should own stock in the bib factory. Hang in there you guys. We get that viral thing here too and it sucks when they tell you - nothing you can do just wait it out. Ugg..

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