Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boat Boat Boat momma Boat!

The boat was fixed and ready today! Ben and I went and picked it up this afternoon.. and it was just horrible driving the MILE down the road to NE Watersports to get it. Since it WAS hooked up, and WAS fixed, why NOT go to the lake??? I wish I would've taken a camera. I had the BEST ski run in years I do believe, and Pete had some sweet jumps on the knee board. Best of all, the boat ran like a DREAM, absolutely perfect. Ben also enjoyed having his boat back. When the guy pulled it around front Ben literally jumped and pointed, all while hollering "boat boat boat mom boat!!" Once we got home he couldn't wait to climb in and sit at the helm and start flipping switches (which Pete later yelled at us for).
I must mention Ben is doing extremely well training for the potty. Only 2 ut-ohs yesterday and 2 today (both being my fault). YAY Ben...


Anonymous said...

my little Tattoo "the plane the plane" hehe love to all miss yall...Love Aunt Maybee

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