Friday, June 1, 2007

22 Months

Can you believe our Benjamin is 22 MONTHS!! Only 2 months until he's 2 years OLD!!
It's wicked crazy how fast he's growing and LEARNING!
He's constantly talking -- I haven't figured out yet if this is good or bad -- All we hear is MOM MOM MOM --- DADDY DADDY DADDY... KITE, COW, HORSE, DOG, MOON, CUP, JUICE, TB (aka TV) -- PHONE, HI HI HI HEY HEY HEY - MOM MOM.. BOOK, BOOK, READ, umK, umK (his way of telling us he's OK) -- utoh POTTY

You get the idea.. well read it fast and loud 3 or 4 times.. and then you'll get the idea..

He is starting to make sentences and that always freaks us out.. Today he was telling me no for everything.. and I asked if he wanted to go camping -- expecting a no.. instead he tells me. "let's get boat go camping" I hadn't mentioned the boat - I was so shocked he related the two.. but of course why wouldn't he..

Hope you all have a great June!! Did I mention HOLY CRAP ITS JUNE!!


Tammy said...

Wow.. Almost 2... I just can't believe it. All those words... wow that is so cool. Can't wait to see yall in july!

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