Friday, June 29, 2007

The Zoo is just fun

We made another trip this summer to the zoo.. this time without Pete.. but we met up with Shera, trista and shayla. Shayla was a big help and chased Ben a lot. It seems he didn't care too much about the animals but LOVED to run.
There were tons of babies around (and we even saw some in the progress of being made - eek)
Will have to keep in mind mating season for following years so we can avoid the topic.

Ben milking his 1st cow ~~~~~~~ Baby pheasants

a Papa Peacock~~~~~~~~~ Us on the Caboose

Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's the little things (and people)

Ben officially started potty training at 'school' today. And he came home in the same dry undies he left in. So proud of him. He wore the same undies all day (until the lake).
Have I mentioned Ben is a little shoe snob. He cried all the way to school yesterday morning b/c he didn't have the right (in his mind) pair of shoes on. In the afternoon when I took him shoe shopping - he had a very strong opinion about the shoes he wanted. He's not even 2 YET! and he's already a turkey!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr trip #3 in 4 weeks

That's right - we went back to the Dr today. Sunday evening Ben was out of sorts, and refused to eat supper and asked to go to bed early.. Monday he ran a high temp ALL day, and his throat was swollen, so he didn't eat hardly anything and barely drank. This morning we went to the Dr. and all we got was "yep, he's sick"... No meds no nothing. It's just 'viral' so we are to keep doing what we were doing - push fluids, and motrin, and deal with clingy, fussy-butt. I feel so bad for him, his throat hurts so much he refused to eat ICE CREAM today!! and he's drooling like a baby, it's absolutely gross!! he soaked MY shirt.

in other news.. he started telling us he needs to go potty and we are limiting the number of accidents!!
yay ben

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gardens and Aliens

Little Randy decided to help me with my weeds in the garden today... (while wearing his version of "The Mother-ship" hat.)

Helping in the garden..

Look - there in the sky.... It's the Mother-ship!

The aliens are levitating the ball...

RUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! for your lives..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok.. So When Ben has dirty clothes... or sometimes Dad has dirty clothes he left lying around... or WE leave a our shoes upstairs... Ben "helps" us "clean" by throwing them over his gate down the stairs.. we (eventually) pick this stuff up and help it get to it's rightful location (the laundry room)...

So. I came home for lunch today, and since Jenn was running late - I swung by the "Discovery Academy" and picked up Ben. We came home, and he asked for a banana. (If you haven't seen the videos, this goes something like "Bah-nananananana!!! -Peeez-nanana" as he reaches for the spot on the counter where the bananas live..

He didn't have one at breakfast -- so I grabbed him one, peeled it halfway, and handed it to him, and then headed to "go tee-tee in the pottty." When I came back from doing my business, Ben was playing, and the banana (or peel) was nowhere to be found.

I asked Ben, "where's your banana?". He says, "uh.. down".. I looked around, no idea where he put it.. "ben, where's the banana??" "Down Stairs!"
Sure enough... He had finished his monkey fruit, and when he was done he tossed the empty peel over the gate and down the stairs..

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Video

The latest video is here...

Ben had a follow up today for his ears.. even with a snotty nose - that i was sure the beginnings of a new ear infection he got an 'all clear'

Below is a quick video.. I'm not sure if this is normal.. but he can count to 5 (sometimes 8) by himself!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy Day

First - Happy Father's Day to all Dad's....
We celebrated by taking Ben's dad to the lake in the boat that he "bought mom for Mother's day".... Of course it was crowded in the teeny tiny lake we go to.. but we had some great runs.. and enjoyed ourselves - which is the main thing right.
We never manage to take a picture of the boat on the water with the 'good' cameras so today we used the phone cameras...

We finished celebrating by grilling on the new grill Ben's daddy bought himself..
Hope everyone else had a fantastic Sunday and a great Daddy Day (if it applies) ..

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Papillion Days 2007

The carnival is in town! YAY... Every year we go to the carnival, just tour the booths, eat some frickles (fried pickles) and funnel cake, and sometimes ride the rides. We've never made it to the parade until this year..

Ben got lots of candy thrown his way... to the point I started putting the umbrella in front of us.. so the kids would stop throwing it our way...

The Shriners had a Marvelous turn out at the Parade... They had these cars... and mini choppers, and about 4 -5 other groups of little cars scattered throughout... The parade was a bit long.. so after 1 1/2 hrs we rode our bikes home and realized the parade was only 1/2 finished! Now I know why we don't go to the parade... :D

I always love walking by the 'pony rides' and watching the little kids ride in circles. So I was extremely excited this year when I realized it was going to be my little guy riding the horse!! I'm not sure what did it -- but Ben was having NOTHING to do with the horses. He was ok, until I tried to set him in the saddle... then... YIKES

We stood around and tried to get him on once more.. but he just wanted to see them from afar... The lady said they would be there again tomorrow so we are going to try again when we return from the lake.. .

In other news -- We are teaching Ben how to say his first and last name.. SO today I asked him what his name was and he obliging replied "Ben Car-er", and I asked him what my name was and instead of Jenn Car-er.. he says "Ben's Mommy Car-er" --- Hmmph.. and it begins..

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boat Boat Boat momma Boat!

The boat was fixed and ready today! Ben and I went and picked it up this afternoon.. and it was just horrible driving the MILE down the road to NE Watersports to get it. Since it WAS hooked up, and WAS fixed, why NOT go to the lake??? I wish I would've taken a camera. I had the BEST ski run in years I do believe, and Pete had some sweet jumps on the knee board. Best of all, the boat ran like a DREAM, absolutely perfect. Ben also enjoyed having his boat back. When the guy pulled it around front Ben literally jumped and pointed, all while hollering "boat boat boat mom boat!!" Once we got home he couldn't wait to climb in and sit at the helm and start flipping switches (which Pete later yelled at us for).
I must mention Ben is doing extremely well training for the potty. Only 2 ut-ohs yesterday and 2 today (both being my fault). YAY Ben...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I wanna be a cowboy....

This morning while Pete was still sleeping, Ben and I played outside on his John Deere tryke (that he still can't reach the pedals on)....
But before we could walk outside.. been had to have his "hat, horse hat"
It's not a COWboy hat, it's his HORSE hat...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Zoo trip

This morning we got up and went straight to the zoo. It was packed crowded -- so we avoided most of the indoor stuff (desert dome, jungle - we made the mistake of going into the aquarium) and took Ben around to the 'main' attractions.
We all had a great time.

Friday, June 8, 2007

New Hat

I love Fridays -- its our get out and go shopping day. Today Ben and I hit some stores we haven't been to in a while.. and Ben got a new Cowboy hat and a new belt - buckle and all.. They had the coolest boots too (maybe next time).

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Blanket

Since we pay for full days at daycare.. I think I'm going to have him nap there for a while. I had some fabric sitting around being bored, and I decided to make it loved and turn it into a nap blanket for Ben. He loves it. He likes to tell you all the things on it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

15miles and TCBY

We got most of our chores down this afternoon -- so around 730 we decided to go for a bike ride. 8 miles later we were in Bellevue @ TCBY. Boy did Ben enjoy that treat, and boy was he one loud squaller when we took the mostly empty bowl from him so we could ride back home. He cried for the majority of the 7 miles home. (yes 8 miles out - 7 back --- we went a little far trying to find TCBY.)

Further news -- Potty training is going.. not well, not bad. He ran bare in the backyard today after playing in the pool a little, and surprised himself when he noticed he was teeing.. and then again when he could control it.. w00t fun stuff let me tell ya.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Future Farmer

Ben: Future FFA Member

Ben refused to nap so we went outside and flew a kite

Until it got stuck in the bush

Ben went to get the kite - got tangled in the lines - got mad - threw the kite down - ran inside to go nap.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Miserable Weekend

It's June, Right?! I've been over this! JUNE! It's supposed to be SUMMER TIME..> WARM.. if not down right HOT!..

Oh wait.. we live in NEbraska..

it was low 70s for the high... which means it was about 68 all day.. and WINDY.. and cold.. and we were out at the lake.. with our new boat that doesn't run.
Not fun!

Except - Ben fed the ducks, and geese, played at the playground, and actually got to drive the boat while it was running..

We didn't have to fret with sunscreen b/c there was no sun.. and we were inside a lot.. :( so sad..

Oh - and did I mention Ben has yet another ear infection...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Shopping with ben

He was playing with the phone.

Rock climbing

Friday, June 1, 2007

22 Months

Can you believe our Benjamin is 22 MONTHS!! Only 2 months until he's 2 years OLD!!
It's wicked crazy how fast he's growing and LEARNING!
He's constantly talking -- I haven't figured out yet if this is good or bad -- All we hear is MOM MOM MOM --- DADDY DADDY DADDY... KITE, COW, HORSE, DOG, MOON, CUP, JUICE, TB (aka TV) -- PHONE, HI HI HI HEY HEY HEY - MOM MOM.. BOOK, BOOK, READ, umK, umK (his way of telling us he's OK) -- utoh POTTY

You get the idea.. well read it fast and loud 3 or 4 times.. and then you'll get the idea..

He is starting to make sentences and that always freaks us out.. Today he was telling me no for everything.. and I asked if he wanted to go camping -- expecting a no.. instead he tells me. "let's get boat go camping" I hadn't mentioned the boat - I was so shocked he related the two.. but of course why wouldn't he..

Hope you all have a great June!! Did I mention HOLY CRAP ITS JUNE!!