Monday, May 21, 2007

Red Birds

Ben's blog -- yeah yeah yeah -- whatever..

Red Birds are my favorite birds right... and last 2 years ago I just about had a fit when I found a red bird nest in my clematis vine that needed to be pulled down b/c the privacy fence was going up.. Fortunately the eggs hatched and the family moved out b/f I had to tear it down...

This year - they came back! and they made a home in my forsythia. I noticed it last week when the female flew from the bush and startled me. Then it was just a nest... last week it was 3 eggs.. today -- I have a baby red bird!


Anonymous said...

eeep! eeep! eeep! I love baby birds! We have a husband and wife cardinal duo who bathe themselves daily in Hannah's water tub on the deck --it's great to watch! I'll try and get a picture of them for you.

-Laura (at work)

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