Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random blogger take 4

Ben has been doing really well at 'school'....He seems to be learning a lot from there, b/c 1/2 the time he tells me things (as much as a 21mo old can).. and I'm shocked he knows..

I now have 2 baby birds in my nest... the momma isn't leaving much.. and I don't want to disturb so I haven't been able to take more pics.. they are cute little alien birds tho..

I must be counting to ben enough... Today he wanted me to do something.. and he said.."MOM -- blah blah blah... - ONE (pause) TWO (pause) THREE"
I was in the store.. and it made me giggle.. b/c it completely sounded like that 123 parents (good god that's me now) do when kids are in trouble.

Ok - happy wednesday!


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