Saturday, May 5, 2007

Maiden Voyage

We finally brought our new-to-us boat home Friday. It's strange to see two boats at our house...The boys tinkered with it in the drive way for a while.. and today we played musical recreational vehicles... It was quite amusing to us.. but I'm sure it looked a little hillbilly... We had to rearrange things so we could get the camper out of the garage and take it to storage.. so the n-t-u boat will fit. It was windy and stormy today so it was a good day to run around. However, by the time we got to Fremont - Pete had to drive by the lake just to see.. and it was pretty nice -- so all the way home.. he was plotting against me...
Sure enough there was a lull in the storms so we hitched up and drove back to Fremont. I was for SURE I would NOT get in the water today, but Pete made me take a suit and wetsuit just in case.
Pete showed me how to handle the boat.. and jumped right in for the first kneeboard and wakeskate runs of the year. Ben loved it.. Definitely a ben boat! He sits well in the spotter seat.. and I wasn't wigged out like I thought I would be.. He really enjoyed the boat.
I not only skied i kneeboarded from the tower.. and then skied again.
A quite impressive pull from the boat. And after all the fears of the blazer not being able to handle towing.. the blazer did fantastic!
So - everyone must come up at least once this summer and enjoy the mastercraft with us.


Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

I'm officially jealous. :)

Glad the car made it!

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