Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fremont Camping

This weekend we loaded everyone up and took the camper and new boat out to the lake... We thought it would be a great weekend, great weather, great boating. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
After dropping the boat in the water I headed back to the campground and pete drove the boat around.. it died 3 times getting there.. So after tinkering with it, and it dying several more times... we pulled the boat out Saturday prepared to drop a few hundred dollars to get it fixed.. and be with out this boat for a week or so.. (but we still have the girly boat - so all hope isn't shot)... Instead.. we get to the boat mechanic place and 30 minutes, $5 can of goop, replacing a filter we already had.. and a tip for the guy since he didn't charge us labor... we were headed back to the lake so pete could clean the carbs and holy cow it worked.. and we had a great time.. never convinced Ben to get on his ski... but it's still early..
Ben enjoyed seeing the trains, birds, and boats.. oh - and he found the moon last night.. and refused to sit anywhere he couldn't see it.. He did get his first real band-aid worthy "ouwie"

Ben sleeping behind his "4th Wall" net that we installed this year.

doing his exercises

showing you his first band-aid ouwie


Tammy said...

What fun! Ben - you are soooo cute!!!!!

MMZoMoHaLa said...

WOW!! I can't believe how much Ben has grown!!
He's a little boy not a baby anymore!!
We miss him!! Hagen & Layla love yelling "Hi BEN" eveytime we pass your house, as if you couldn't tell Haha!!!

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