Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad (Pete)

Pete's birthday was today (*says captain obvious*)Happy 32!
I started out by trying to be nice and take Ben to daycare so he wouldn't have to.. and he still insisted on going. So much for that good idea.
At lunch we went up to his work to see him for lunch and he choose (of all places) to go to Subway even though they had a Subway caterer at TDAmeritrade today. Another good idea shot to crap -- but we did get to see him so that was cool.
Ben slept for 15 min in the car.. and refused to nap when we got home.. So when it was time to eat supper Ben was rotten. we found 2 seconds when he wasn't fussing.. and quickly snapped this half decent shot of the boys and a slice of THE birthday cookie cake.


Laura said...

What did THE birthday cookie look like?
I've been going to Subway for dinner so much in between work and rehearsal that I don't have to place an order any more...

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