Tuesday, April 10, 2007

funny story

So on the way home yesterday -- I was talking to ben in a little sing-song and was telling him something like - we are going home from Arkansas after visiting Gammy.. and b/f I could get anything else out - ben added "and G'anpa".. It was too cute.. So throughout the rest of the day we would ask Ben is he had fun at G'ammy's and his reply was "pun at Gammy's and G'anpa's"
It amazes us how much he actually talks now..

My dad and step-Joyce - Ben's Popo and Memaw - have all along said they weren't paying for therapy.. implying Ben would some day need therapy.. and after 20 mo. I agree.. he will some day need therapy.. A 'book' is being created - in the style of a website - with a list of reasons.. if you can think of any - please feel free to post.



andsozyouroldman said...

Love all the pics

Can't wait to see the videos!

We had a great time!

Anonymous said...

cause popo and memaw have a dog named kitty and a cat named dawgie and his mom tells him rabbits go rahhhhhhhh
cause he is deprived of riding the rides at wal-mart till he comes to see his crazy aunt maybee in texas who will ride them with him ANYTIME
cause he has a crazy aunt maybee

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