Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Trip

We left this morning at 530AM - and Ben made an excellent travel companion again. Of course he slept until 10ish and then was up for a few hrs.. we stopped to eat lunch and then he slept again!... So it was no surprise to us.. when he was hyped up this afternoon. We took him to Swim class and after missing the past 2, he did really well. He went under water and even jumped in the pool (with dad helping)...

There are lots of great pictures.. and even some pretty great video..
And stories to tell..

So to protect you all from a ben overload - we are cleverly dispersing bits of information each day... (or until upload all pics and vid)


Tammy said...

Hey Ben! You look quite dapper. Glad you had fun at Grammy's house for Easter. Can't wait to see you!

andsozyouroldman said...

Engineer hats are great fashion!

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