Monday, April 2, 2007

Dr visit

So - Ben turned 20 months on Sunday -- and on Sunday ben's sickness got worse. Today I took him to see Doc. and after talks of Scarlet Fever and Mono.. the swab came back negative.. and ends up.. Ben has a really bad ear infection.. HIS FIRST! First prescription to be filled too! I'm so proud -- well I'm so thankful that now we know and Ben has the right stuff to get feeling better.
Stay Healthy.
I guess this means we are going to miss a second week of swim class.


Tammy said...

Poor Ben - not bad on the ear infection at 20 months. So far so good with cousin Jacob. Jacob says "get better!". We miss you guys. Having fun in Louisiana. Can't wait to see Grammy & Grampa in a few weeks.

Laura said...

Doot Doo-Doo!!! It's a bird...
It's a plane...
(and his trusty sidekick Lamby)

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