Thursday, March 8, 2007

Using the 'Throne' - Do's and Dont's

So it's pretty exciting.. the last two days Ben has let me know he needs to use the potty. *It's more like I seem him straining and ask him if he needs to go.. he shakes his head yes and says "potty" - but whatever - roll with it*
Yesterday went great-- he actually did the majority of his business sitting and I tried to amuse him with as much praise as possible *until I realized I had to clean it up*
Today - same thing - we ran to the bathroom - undressed -- and he sat till he was bored.. but nothing.. so I let him play for a bit butt naked and occasionally he would sit back down.. but again nothing.. So I ever so briefly walked to the kitchen and upon my return stands my little guy legs spread and a big ole terd on the floor.. NICE.. But he did finish up on the potty... and again I wanted to puke when I had to clean it.. But he's so proud when he gets up and sees it there.. **proud mom** That's my boy! proud of poop.


Tammy said...

LOL!! Too funny. I took Jacob to a big ole play group today. They meet at the BK that has the play place outside. He got to play with other kids his age and see tons of people. He loved it! They meet every week in different places AND IT's FREE! That's the best part. YAY.

Redhead Runner said...

How Long is a chinaman's name.

Tammy said...

why are the comments deleted?

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