Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Friday

Today it seemed like Ben had finally came out of the funk. It's been a long week of sickness between him and Pete, and my just-occurring sore throat.
Ben is saying a few more words - and parroting A LOT.. pete and I are amazed all the time now.. and crushed...
For the past few weeks.. I kept telling Pete that Ben was saying "mammy" instead of mommy... and saying it A LOT.. just over and over and it was really strange to me - b/c he calls me 'mom' not 'mammy' -- and then just yesterday we finally listened to what he was saying over and over and over.. and figured out that his 'mammy' is his lamby. Yeah - he doesn't want mom -- he wants lamby -- so Thanks for that Aunt Laura! I made sure today I went to Wal-mart and stocked back up on our lamby supply - we seem to have been running low.. only 1 spare at the house. We try to keep Lamby Sr. in the house, so backups are essential.
In other news - Ben and I went for a walk - and he slammed his head against the sidewalk -- He didn't cry though.. he's pretty tough I guess. His nose bled for a bit, he has a ridiculous goose egg on his forehead, and a pretty scratched up knee.


Laura said...

Bloody nose?!?!? At least he has his Lamby to console him....

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