Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ben's New Day Care

So... Ben started at his new day care this week. It seems like a pretty decent place.. Ben seems to be fitting in very well -- We dropped him off at breakfast time yesterday and again today, and Jenn picked him up around lunch time. He ate there, and seemed to be having fun playing.

Today, when Jenn picked him up , there was a kid that didn't look so happy sitting across from Ben at lunch who wouldn't eat. The teachers noticed he wasn't eating/didn't look so well -- so they took his temp and found him to be at 101.. Of course now this evening Ben is all snotty, is feeling miserable, and his temp is rising... ugh...

Two days of day care and already sick -- in the past 19 mo. Ben's only been sick maybe 3-4 times... go figure.

Jenn here - Before Ben started feeling really rotten we were able to go outside and enjoy the 78 degree SPRING day... A few pics are on his site --
Here is a pic of Sheldon (I finished knitting today) and Ben giving Sheldon shoogs


auntmaybee said...

Sheldon is so stinkin' cute (but of course not as cute as Aunt Maybees Ben) I want one lol
Aunt Maybee Loves you guys
Hookem Horns wooohooo

Love ya

Aunt Maybee

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