Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday fun

Last night - Ben stayed up with us and watched some movies.. Ok by us.. b/c we were SURE that he would sleep in... Not the case.. Little boy was up at 6 AM raring to go!
But it turned out ok... b/c he was willing to take an early nap.. which worked out good.. b/c we had a Party to go to at 1...
He had a lot of fun at Layla's 3rd B-day party.. They had neat "hampster tunnels" equipped with a slide and a space shuttle!... and Zoe was nice enough to help Ben thru.. He's not quite tall enough to crawl thru all that stuff solo, yet..

Afterwards.. we pressed our luck and ran Ben into the local Hair Masters.. Furtunately, the girl was able to cut him right away.. and I for-warned her, about his screaming abilities and fear of the buzzers.. but he did pretty well for the first 2 minutes.. after that.. OMG!

But it's cut, and cute.


Laura said...

LOL! Sounds like you had a good day, Ben!

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