Saturday, February 24, 2007

Party On.. Excellent

We went to Bella's Birthday party this afternoon -- and even with "no-nap Ben".. it was fun.. She turned 4 so all the other kids were a lot older than Ben.. and he mainly played with us, but he had a ball.. The party was at this place called Kids Body Shop.. They have Gymnastics, Dance, and swim lessons.. Bella's party was in the Gym.. and Ben jumped on the trampoline, log rolled down the mats, and walked the balance beam (over and over and over again).

While we were there, we signed him up for Swim classes..starting in March.. YAY! He pulls his ski out all the time and lets up pull him around the house and does really well. So my hopes now are to get him used to the water.. so he might (MIGHT)want to ride his ski at the lake this year..


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