Monday, February 5, 2007

No No No No No

This morning -- when I returned home from work - Ben was eating breakfast.. and I asked him if Dad had given him anything other than the banana he was working on - and he shook his head no -- Last night - I asked him if he was ready for night night and he shook his head no.. Not sure if he understands what he's doing.. but almost anything you ask him to do -- he shakes NO.. it's sorta funny.. The terd
We went shopping last night and it's sad, we avoided certain areas of the store so we didn't have to listen to Big Chief Fussy-Butt.. those areas would be the Toy center - and the area with Bananas... He freaks! He thinks he HAS to have them.. It's a word we don't say unless we are giving him one..


Redhead Runner said...

We can't say "Josie" around the dog unless we plan to feed her a cat.

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