Monday, February 5, 2007

Benny the Kid rides again...

Get it -- Benny the kid -- HAHA -- I thought about "The next Doc Holliday" but I don't really want him to be a "lunger" -- Ok I love the movie Tombstone..

  1. NO we do NOT call him Benny
  2. There were just too many cute photos today to put in blog.. So I HAD to create a folder for them all..
  3. Matching clothes is overrated

Please visit his picture pages to see them..


andsozyouroldman said...

Hi Ben

Love your cowboy hat.

The pics are awesome.

I used to have a Hopalong Cassidy hat, pants, and vest...and a cap gun!

Tammy said...

Great pics!!! I love the new border at the top of your home page too :)

jenni said...

Thanks -- it took about an hour of editing the photo so it would look seamless all the way across.. but I think it turned out pretty good...

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