Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ben's Thinking Chair

We aren't really potty training.. BUT ~ Ben is really interested the potty lately.. and we have him sit on it before and after each bath (and any other time he runs in their and hollars potty and we have the time to let him play for about five minutes.) He's never actually utilized the throne.. but that day will be exciting I'm sure! There's a new video online -- and If I feel motivated their might be one or two more.. I was a little camera crazed today I suppose.. and it would have been WAY too long to fit in one "movie".. Enjoy


Tammy said...

YAY Ben! Love your new video. What fun you must have during your day. We sure miss you. I think picking your nose on the video is awsome. You will be so proud of that when you are older. Good luck with your potty.

Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...


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