Sunday, January 28, 2007

..playin with the "hoe-down folks"...

Howdy yall! So we made it to Texas -- yeehaw.. right?
Friday we left Omaha at 830AM and we piddled around DFW until "the kids" got out of school.. and we all went to watch Lil Jenn's basketball game. Then after a long day of traveling we made it a little longer by driving all the way to Hawley.. And BEN did great for having to sit in his car seat or be still all day!
Yesterday we all went to town and went bowling. Bowling was great.. mainly b/c I won.. but it wasn't hard, I played with "gutter ball gang"...
Today we played hide and seek and had a blast with the kids.. Ben was having fun showing the "seeker" where the "hiders" were hiding..


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