Friday, January 12, 2007

Hide and Seek

Last night - Pete and I were busy with supper and straightening things up around the house.. you know - letting Ben play free.. Well the next thing we know it's quiet.. And there's always trouble when it's quiet.. So we started looking for him and he's nowhere around... Not in the kitchen, living room, dining room.. We look in the dog kennels b/c he likes climbing in there and shuting the door for some reason..So we run to his room and no ben.. Not in his closet (where he likes to hide out) NOWHERE.. Now it's almost a panic.. We check down the stairwell - THANKFULLY no ben there.. We start calling out for him.. and very softly we hear "mama"... So again.. I hollar BEN.. and we hear.. "hehehe"... YAY! So I know he's still in the house.. but we can't find him anywhere.. MY HOUSE IS NOT THAT BIG! I SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO LOSE ONE CHILD! .. UNLESS... He hides in the pots and pans cabinet and closes the door.. and LAUGHS about it!.. The little terd.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh boy... the start of things to come huh. Better get a a GPS strapped to him fast! Jacob discovered that he too likes tupperware - but not in the cabinet yet. He just likes to chew on pieces :) We miss you guys!!!!

auntmaybee said...

That's Aunt Maybe's boy. Gotta love him!

Barbee/Baumbach said...

LOL, I can think of someone else that used to do that and just like me you will continue to love him and look for him. Way to GO BEN!!! Paybacks for Mom is wonderful for Nanna Mom

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