Monday, January 22, 2007

Bummin around

This last weekend went by fast.. I wish we could say we were just bumming around.. but we weren't..
Saturday night we received over 8 inches of snow!!.. so Sunday we played and played and sledded.. We had a couple with 2 kids come over and the kids had a great time.. At least Ben did.. it was fun to see!
Ben started saying a new phrase Saturday - "Get Down"... He is constantly climbing on tables and couches.. and we are repeatedly telling him to "get down".. So to Pete's surprise, when he saw Ben on top of the dining room table.. Ben looked him straight in the eye and said "get down" and started climbing down, b/f Pete could say anything.. HMMM.. sounds like a trouble maker to me!
We took the girls to the vet today.. and all is well.. They don't seem to think anything serious about Bailey's lump on her tummy, or the knot on Tally's leg.. And even though Tally's eyes are fogging over, its just old age.. 9-1/2! can you believe she's 9-1/2! When the nurse took Bailey for blood work.. we heard her yelp and Ben had a look of terror in his eyes.. and ran to the door and started banging on it.. I don't know how I let him become so attached to her..
We leave Friday to go to Texas! I think Cowboy Tyrone is going with us.. so everyone can listen to "...all the way to Texas where the Hoe Down folks expect us.." the entire trip..
A reminder to Pete - set up the Cingular to Blog stuff.. so we can post with the phones!


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