Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Toy Shopping

This evening we ventured out to the stores for a little shopping. Something light to get us in the spirit, and to get us started! We honestly found nothing, well almost. 4 rows down from the TOY section the boy starts pointing, dancing in his seat, and grunting. He obviously wanted something in that area, so we walked over to the crowd of overfilled carts and adults checking things off their lists or calling people to see if so-and-so has this toy. Ben found several things he wanted to play with; cars, trains, dolls of all things (especially the bright pink ones), and then we saw The Backyardigans.
The Backyardigans is a cartoon that comes on Nick Jr and we DVR it so we can watch it with him. It's not a very educational show, like say Sesame Street, but all the characters talk normal and they sing great songs and dance a lot, which Ben loves. So after annoying everyone else in the isle by playing each toy (most sing and jiggle these days) Ben finally picked his favorite, Tyrone -- Cowboy Tyrone -- I wanted him to pick Pablo -- (the surfer penguin) because Pablo has a way cooler song.. But, life goes on.. So down the store to the check out, and all the way there, we are listening to "Riding the range, riding the range, yahooo.." well you get the picture, if you don't go here


Laura said...

All the way to Texas where the hoe down folks expect us? That's awesome!

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