Friday, December 22, 2006

Part Monkey??

Today I took Ben shopping and he got goofy (pointing and grunting) when he saw the bananas... I snagged a bundle and put them in the cart and kept going.. I guess Ben didn't notice the snag.. and started throwing a tantrum to let me know we NEEDED bananas... I told him "Ben if you turn around and look in the cart you will see that I got bananas for you already." And sure enough, the boy turned around, saw the bananas, and stopped throwing his fit. There was a guy in the aisle that witnessed this and just looked at me slack jawed, like he couldn't believe Ben actually understood what happened..

After nap snack.. Dad offered cookies or a banana and Ben chose the obvious.. usually we cut the banana up in chunks and he sits in his chair to eat.. but not today.


Anonymous said...

Cute. But you should try the cookies sometimes, Ben. I just finished a batch of the infamous Strawberry Date cookies. Want one?

Laura said...

Don't do it Ben! Those cookies are gross, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Tammy agrees!!! I will warn Jacob one day how grose they are.

Anonymous said...

sorry - I can't spell - gross - or very very yucky will do

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