Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve ~~
Last night we watched some Great Football games (and the night before). We watched A&M get stomped by Cal, Tech come back with an impressive surge to beat the Golden Gofers, Texas step up and beat Iowa, and Georgia upset the Hokies - GREAT GAMES... Yesterday I was walking around in a tank top - 52 degrees with a little rain, only to wake up to SNOW today... The weather service is predicted 5-8 inches by the end of the day. We tested out Ben's snow suit and it works great, but he doesn't seem to be a fan on the snow.. imagine that!

Stay safe - be smart - call a cab!


Laura said...

aww, Ben! But you look so warm and toasty--don't be afraid!

andsozyouroldman said...

Poor Ben, Grandma says you should learn to make snow angels and build snowmen -- then you'll like the snow!

Anonymous said...

Aww Ben . Don't be sad. Uncle Tnak says it could be worse - you could have to wear that bunny suit from "A Christmas Story"! Take Grammy's advice and go play. Jacob wore a onzie today and that was it. It was 70 degrees! Daddy wore shorts today and the Christmas tree is dead. PS - thanks Aunt Jenni for taking "green" Ben off the home page!

Anonymous said...

Aww, Ben.

I don't really have anything to just seems like we're all supposed to lead in with "Aww Ben today.

Barbee/Baumbach said...

Mom, you aren't going to make a snowman out of me again, are you?

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