Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hello Blogger My Old Friend...

Lately Benjamin has been climbing on top of EVERYTHING.. and we've been trying to correct him.. but he's a strong willed little guy.. So tonight we freaked b/c he was on top of the dogs kennels digging in the dog food.. initially we thought oh crap he's eating it.. but no, he was just feeding Tally one kibble at a time.. So I captured some on video... There's a little extra something special from Bailey at the end too.. (will try to have it loaded tonight after Ben goes nighty-night..)

NanaMom and Pa will be here Saturday! We're excited to see them - sure there will be updates as things get "rockin' at the carters"

What's wrong with these pictures??


Uncle Tank said...

Great video! I love the "hidden camera" thing at the end.

Gotta get Dad to install his Firewire thing so we can upload some video from here.

Barbee/Baumbach said...

Maybe that is what I should have told Santa to get for you Pete.

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