Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hello again Random Blogger

It's been a few days since we blogged.. I wish I could say there was a lot going on here.. but I would be lying..
I need to get busy and take Christmas photos to put in cards (if I'm doing that this year).. Ben's been out of sorts lately.. not really bad though, just different. He's super clingy when people come over.. and his favorite place to hide is in between my legs (if I'm standing) He just about knocked me down the other night, he ran so fast it was more of a tackle maneuver..
And today when Pete dropped him off at Michele's he cried.. and he never cries when he goes there..
Other than that, he is still enjoying his "bee-bo" book and the flip book he received.. His favorite would still be the Piggy Belly Button book.. but something happened to piggy's belly button..?? it's MIA.. don't know if the dogs ate it or it Ben ripped it off.. it happened while we were at the Game last weekend. But he still enjoys reading it.. and just pokes his finger throw the hole now.. Maybe we will have to get clever and find a way to rig a fix.. or better yet BUY HIM A NEW ONE.. that would be the easiest.. I'm cheap what can I say.. I just made pete help me pull and replace 100 lights.. b/c the strand wasn't working.. long story short.. after all that I gave up and threw all the lights away.. what a waste.. I don't see why manufacturers can't create quality items anymore.. And on that note.. b/f I go off on a tangent.. Happy Holidays.. enjoy shopping from China and Indonesia this year..


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