Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ben's Christmas 2006 Video

Ben Enjoys Christmas

If you want to see the helicopter video
here is the link


Laura said...

Love your new video, Ben. You always have the best background music. Sorry the ATV sounds like Mario--maybe you can have your dad disconnect the sound or something. Glad you all had such a good Christmas. Pete, the helicopter looks like it was fun while it lasted.

Barbee/Baumbach said...

Ben, this will be a Christmas for NanaMom and Pa to remember always. We had such a wonderful time with Mom and Dad and you. We love you all very much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben!

Love your latest videos. Looks like you had just as much fun as we did at Grammy and Grandpa's. I love your giggles. They are too cute. Can't wait to see you this summer. Pete - your video was hilarious also!

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