Sunday, December 3, 2006

2006 Big XII Champ - GO OU!!

Ok -I know this is "Ben's" blog.. but I have to share this... Up until yesterday I had never attended a college football game..and Yesterday I got to see the championship game and it was AWESOME! So what Texas wasn't there.. The Nebraska fans were fun and I was the only one in our section cheering for OU.. They threatened to throw me over the edge.. We had a blast.. and FROZE our butts off.. I don't think any amount of clothing would of kept us warm.. and there were the occasional Nebraska freaks that were SHIRTLESS!
Thanks to Shera, Trista, and Shayla for watching Ben for us.. Sounded like he had more fun than we did..

Here are some pics

Us before the game started.. Still somewhat thawed.. We sat on the 3rd tier 3 rows from the ledge.. A pretty decent view of the field..

Sooner band on the field b/f the game

from left to right: ME! still having fun, Rob, Norm (frozen!) and Dave

3rd Qtr Sooners 14 to Huskers 7 - View from our seats.. and you can see my breath
If you look at the top right of the pic and see the Sprint sign.. thats about the relation of where we were..

Us again.. frozen solid this time.. my feet went numb a few times..and I thought my hands would crack if I clapped..

But it was SO MUCH FUN and I would COMPLETELY do it again given the chance!


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