Sunday, November 12, 2006

A 'possum in the garage!!!

That's right -- gasp, laugh, scream... whatever you feel like doing.. because I think I did all 3... Let's start with - We have a bad habit of leaving the garage door open.. Last night while watching the Texas game we heard noise in the garage and Pete went to investigate.. and he found this!!The darn thing wouldn't leave either! Lie down and play "possum" my butt.. this thing hissed and tried crawling up! Creepy little booger.. Pete ended up sweeping him out.. and closing the garage door.. I think we've learned our lesson... stray cats and dogs are one thing in the garage... 'possums - well I guess it could've been worse -- we have smelt a skunk around here lately..
Gotta mention:
Texas 42 vs Kansas State 45
We hope Colt McCoys ok! and ready to play against TAM


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