Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What a mess

If you keep up with our ramblings - You know that I made the traumatic mistake of painting - well in order to fix the mess - last night after Ben went to bed - I began re-painting the walls - and around midnight I wasn't quite finished but I was done.. pooped.. down for the count and left my mess knowing I would just have to start over again today when Ben was napping.... Pete however, stayed up and finished for me.. but still left the mess.. This morning after Ben had breakfast and clean clothes on he thought it would be fun to play in the mess.. now we have one less pair of britches.. b/c he got paint all over them.. Oh well.. That's what I get I guess..
And -- while he was at Michele's today - the kids were playing with blocks.. and I heard Ben kept "eating" them.. and Layla was not happy about it.. so she chunked a block and knocked him in the head.. whoops.. Ben's ok -- he's tough.. he has a nice red mark above his eye..but nothing worse than what he usually does to himself.. and Miss Layla apologized..


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