Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today we had a ton of running around to do... Unfortunately we did it during "nap time" and once we got home.. a certain little boy REFUSED to nap.. instead he played quietly for about 15 minutes.. I would have thought he would be exhausted seeing how this same little boy decided that he was going to SCREAM from 330AM till 440 AM and not let anyone get sleep.. But instead he's waiting for the perfect inopportune time to self-destruct.. I know it's coming.. just waiting until it happens...


Tammy said...

Great pic! Check out Jacob's blog today - full moon?

andsozyouroldman said... can tell your daddy's a geek...your own blog at 14 months...and your own personal photographer helps! Just like Aunt laloo

auntmaybee said...

Awww my beautiful sister and her handsome little man!! Love the haircut it looks great!!

Love, Aunt Maybee

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